About Us

Sanvita Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. located at Mallepally Village, in Kondapur Mandal of Sangareddy District in the State of Telangana, India. Sanvita manufactures veterinary vaccines against livestock and companion animal diseases.

Sanvita is a relatively young organization and started its operations in 2020 with an expert team consisting of Scientific and Technical Experts with several years of experience in animal healthcare. The teams’ experience, passion and hard work has earned Sanvita, the accolade – “the most economical vaccine manufacturer’ in comparison to our competitors in the country.

Sanvita has fully automated, BSL-3 compliant, state-of-the art facilities to produce a range of bacterial and viral vaccines for veterinary use. Currently, vaccine against brucella and FMD are in progress and as Sanvita grows, it envisages expanding its vaccine portfolio to include Bluetongue, Rabies, PPRV, HS, BQ, and ET. Sanvita also has plans to foray into the international market to address Global requirement for animal vaccines.

about us

Our Vision

Sanvita is aware of the current challenges of Global and National livestock sector and its impact on human health and economy.   Studies indicate that more that almost 70% of infectious diseases are of from animals and infected animal products. This calls for coordinated efforts in ensuring the health of economically important livestock and companion animals

Sanvita’s Vision is – “To support a robust health paradigm among animal species as means to balance the animal-human-environment relational concept that forms the basis of the One Health Initiative”

At Sanvita, we operate with a singular focus on enriching animal health by monitoring and preventing animal diseases. With our in-depth knowledge of this sector, cutting-edge R&D capabilities and incisive thinking, we are well prepared to address the challenges for establishing disease free world for livestock and poultry.