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It has established a technologically advanced facility for manufacture of  vaccines aiming at national and international markets. The added capacities of various quality vaccines available from Sanvita will be a boon for the livestock industry in India and Asia as a whole. The manufacturing facility complies with WHO GMP guidelines for vaccine manufacturing and NIH & BMBL guidelines for bio containment. Sanvita has taken up the green initiative to recycle and reuse the effluent productively thus qualifying as a Zero discharge facility.

R & D

DSIR Certified Lab
IBSC Registered with DBT, New Delhi
Approved by CPCSEA for Animal Experimentation
Obtained CFO from APPCB, Hyderabad
MoU with ICAR, New Delhi for Brucella and Bluetongue Vaccines
MoU with TANUVAS for PPR Vacines

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