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Brucellosis is a highly contagious chronic zoonotic disease caused by the bacterial pathogen Brucella abortus affecting livestock and humans as well. Humans are prone to Brucellosis owing to their proximity to livestock and/or by consumption of unpasteurized dairy products. Brucellosis causes abortions or reproductive failure. While animals typically recover and give offspring following the initial abortion, they are likely to be weak and defective. They continue to shed the bacteria through milk.

A study suggested, in India, brucellosis caused a loss of USD 3.4 billion to the livestock sector of which 96% was to the dairy sector alone.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Sanvita, We believe in addressing the Global One Health Initiative by contributing to the animal – human – ecology balance. Our contribution to One Health is to ensure animal health by development of immunoprophylactic measures to counter diseases. An unhealthy animal world negatively impacts human health and, in a broader perspective, the ecological balance due to the interdependence among the three.

Also for any country, farming sector that is inclusive of Livestock Sector is one of the major drivers of the economy; especially in developing world, where there is a direct relationship between the livestock sector development and economic growth.

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